Escape Room Gent

Take the challenge together with friends, family or colleagues and escape


Get locked in a room and escape by solving riddles, finding objects and working together. Accept the challenge and experience 60 exciting minutes.

Room 1: Medieval torture room

Enter this room and go back in time. The Middle Ages arise and challenge you! History repeats itself and the practices proposed in the Castle of the Counts become reality. Allow yourself to be locked in this terrifying torture chamber. Play the game; decipher the puzzles and escape from this room. Only through teamwork you'll find a way out. Do not worry. We will not torture you (physically) ... Are you ready for the challenge!

Medieval torture room preview 1
Medieval torture room preview 2
Medieval torture room preview 3

Room 2: Candy shop 'Kristie's Great Biscuits'

'Christie's Great Biscuits' tempts you with Belgiums best sweets; you find yourself in a dream world of a bygone era. Do not be fooled by the cuteness of the candy store. Prove that your team has real detective abilities. As with the best sweets the suprise comes at the end.

Candy shop room preview 1
Candy shop room preview 2
Candy shop room preview 3

Room 3:The robbery of the Just Judges

After years of research, you came accross the trail of a lost masterpiece: The Just Judges, painted by Jan van Eyck and stolen in 1934. Kept hidden in a secluded country house of a prominent family, the painting just waits to be found and returned! The finder can expect a hefty reward, but just as you are about to break in and steal it back, things go wrong ...

Art robbery room preview 1
Art robbery room preview 2
Art robbery room preview 3


2 persons *

€ 30 p.p.

3 persons *

€ 22 p.p.

4 persons *

€ 20 p.p.

5 persons *

€ 19 p.p.

6 persons *

€ 18 p.p.

* number of persons per room.

A game is maximum 60 minutes of live escape fun

Discount € 2 per person per game for following groups:
- students till the age of 26 years and in the possession of a valid university/high school student card
- youngsters from 12 to 18 years

Due to safety reasons, we ask you to pay only by Bancontact / Maestro or the app by Bancontact / Payconiq.
Paying with Visa, Mastercard or American Express is not possible.


Choose a room

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Select a room, date and time


Our location

Lozevisserstraat 16
Ghent 9000

The Lozevisserstraat is located at only 5min from the Ghent-Centre exit of the E17. Parking in the neighborhood is possible. You have to buy a parking ticket

Tel: + 32 (0) 485 65 91 53
VAT: BE0597.907.109


How many people can play at once?

Every game (room) we allow 2 to 6 people. So the maximum amount of people playing simultaneously is 18. To maintain the gameplay, we make no exceptions to these rules (please do not call or email for this). The more people who play simultaneously, the easier the game becomes. Ideally, your team consists of 3 to 5 members.

How to book?

Please book via the web site. If there are no timeslots available, we are either fully booked or closed. If your group consists of more than 6 people, you have to book 2 or 3 rooms. It is possible to start together when you book both rooms at the same time.

Do I need to bring something?

You don't need to wear special clothes. Don't forget to bring your (reading) glasses

What is the minimum age?

The minimum age is 16 years. Children over 12 years are welcome, but only if accompanied by adults. Please indicate at registration.

How long does it takes to play a game?

A game lasts up to 60 minutes.

In which language the game can be played?

Most of the puzzles are language independent. The remaining riddles are provided in Dutch, English, French and German.

Is it a spooky game, is it dangerous?

No, certainly not scary or dangerous. The game is all about riddles and the room only contains attractive objects, no terrifying things.

Is is possible to provide an invoice?

Yes. The invoice will be mailed in a digital version. Please enter your company's name, address and VAT number in the comment box.


The rooms are located on the first floor of the building. There is no elevator, only stairs. For people in wheelchairs only the Medieval torture room and the art robbery are an option. Pregnancy is not an obstacle to participate.

Help! I didn't get a confirmation of my booking by email

It might be in your spam folder. If not feel free to contact us!

Can a gift voucher be bought?

Yes. To buy a voucher visit our shop: webshop

Name: Gentertain BVBA
IBAN: BE29 8903 9433 7464